Revolution Dance Studio

Dance Education Mother & Child (2-4 yrs)

mother & child

Have fun with your child! Dance, interact, laugh and enjoy an hour of quality time with each other. Dance Education for mother & child (2-4 years old). Classes every Friday 17:00-18:00 by qualified dance instructors.

Registrations September 2015

Revolution starts again 2015/2016

Post-holiday recovery by working out! Keep your positive energy and escape from your daily routine. Register now for the new dance & fitness classes starting this September. Classes for children & adults. First week free. Check out our schedule.

Pilates & Total Barre

total barre

Try new types of exercise. Put music, movement and fun in your training. Become fit by combining Pilates, Total Barre, Zumba and Dance! 

New Classes starting from 26 January 2015

new classes 26/1/15

Turn your New Year’s resolutions into action! Make dance and fitness part of your daily routine. Become healthier in mind and body by adding movement in your life.

New classes starting from 26th January. Check our schedule. Register now 22100800.

Registrations September 2014

banner sept 2014

Time to get into action. Get ready for more dancing! Classes in Nicosia start soon:

1st September - previous years classes begin

16th September - Zumba classes for all students

24th September - beginners classes for all dances. 1 week free lessons!