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Registrations September 2021

Register now for the dance and fitness classes starting this September.

Please find information about our new timetable here.

Starting Dates:

Previous year classes - 6th September
New dance classes - 24th September

~First week is free ~

Call 22100800 for further information.



New Location

We are expecting you  at our new dance studio!
We are happily announcing that Revolution Dance Studio is moving to a newly refurbished studio, found on the ground floor of Delfon 10 building. The new location is just a few minutes from the previous studio. Lessons start in May 2021.
Our new address is: Delfon 10, 1101, Nicosia
We are ready to create new memories in a fully equipped environment!


Registration for classes September 2020

Registrations for the new year have started.

Please find information about our new timetable here.

Starting Dates:

Previous year classes - 3rd September
New dance classes - 24th September

~First week is free ~

Call 22100800 for further information.

Latin dance competition

Latest Events

Dancing in September 2020

Dear students and parents,

We feel like it’s time to share our thoughts and feelings with you.

It’s true that we did start the new dancing year with ambitions and plans for 2019-2020 season. From September 2019 onwards we have experienced an increasing interest from our people for dancing and exercising at both studios in Nicosia and Athienou. We have successfully taken part in various shows, a competition and we had everything planned for the competition in Thessaloniki for our sport latin teams. We were also preparing for an amazing final show presenting our work at the Latsia Municipality Theatre this summer.

However, things beyond our control changed everything in our lives. We learnt to experience and confront different realities. The Covid-19 situation has definitely shaken the whole dance business at a global level! Having hard-wroking and positive personalities in our team helped us move on. We never stopped dancing or exercising! This was of course also due to your constant support! We adapt and offered private and group online classes to keep in touch with you during quarantine. Later on, we opened our doors on 15th June until end of July following all Covid-19 requirements for dance schools.

We would like to thank you for your dedication and tell you that your passion for dancing and the love you have shown to us was definitely the most important part of our work this year.

We will be back in action after the summer holidays on 3rd September!

It has definitely been a confusing and frustrating year. Yet, we are ready to launch a new start with new ideas and goals, while adapting to any future situation! Join us to stick to Revolution Dance Studio’s all year round dance mood. Stay positive, stay safe, keep dancing, pursue your life goals!

With love and respect,

Barbara & Chrystalla

Dance Performance 2019

"We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once." Friedrich Nietzsche
Revolution Dance Studio presents its annual yearly performance. We invite you to celebrate together, the end of another creative year. We will travel with the beats of Ballet, Contemporary, Latin, Hip-Hop, Belly Dance and Greek Dances.

Tuesday 25 June, 19:30
Latsia Municipality Theatre
Entrance 8 Euros (free for children under 12 years)

Information: 22100800

Lesson Plan

What we teach

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Revolution Dance Studio was established 30 years ago. It became a well-known dance school in Nicosia, under the names of Dancanto, Asters International and more recently as Revolution Dance Studio. Chrystalla and Barbara Georgiou have been proudly running the dance school the past 10 years.

The dance school has become a landmark for Latin American Dances (Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Jive etc). Greek Dances, Belly dance and more recent trends in dancing like Hip Hop, Contemporary dancing have become a vital part of the quality education offered by the school. Ballet classes offer the foundation to the rest of the dance disciplines. Furthermore, Zumba, Pilates and Total Barre classes are a great add-on to the dance and fitness programs of the studio.

Revolution is part of Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (UK), as well as the Cyprus Federation of Social and Sport Dances.

Our students have the opportunity to gain diplomas that mark their knowledge and dance level. We offer professional or amateur training to everyone who wants to experience and learn how to dance! In addition, members of Revolution Dance Studio family may represent the school at Competitions both in Cyprus and abroad.

Director, Instructor of Zumba (B1, B2, Toning, Kids Jr & Kids, STRONG by Zumba), Pilates, Total Barre, Hip Hop, Belly Dance

Instructor of Ballet, Latin-American Dancers, Latin-Salsa, Argentine Tango, Belly Dance, Greek Dances and Zumba (B1, B2, Toning, Kids Jr & Kids)